Election tie coin flip chart

Election tie coin flip chart

Which Candidate Got This Vote? Here’s The ‘Questionable

Mississippi republicans literally drew straws to break an

Constable District 3 race ends in coin-flip. By. Ky. (WYMT) - As election. both candidates must be present and a coin is to be flipped.

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Coin Flip Could Determine Trustee Race. Since there was a tie, a coin flip would.

A coin flip determined the outcome of. the recount only confirmed the tie.

Virginia Republican wins 'coin flip' after election ends

FIFE LAKE TOWNSHIP, Michigan (CNN) -- With the flip of a coin and a lottery, the winner of the tied race for township supervisor was chosen here Monday.

Bruce Abens wins coin flip to break tie in North

Politico: One-vote recount gives Dems tie in VA House

Four Cuyahoga County races were decided by coin flip at a Board of Elections meeting Tuesday, one with more than.Bruce Abens and Georgia Awig at the Lorain County Board of Elections where a coin toss ended a tie and made Abens the.Francis aldermanic election after coin flip tiebreaker and recount reaffirms tie.

Coin toss for a council seat: Tied race determined by

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SALT LAKE CITY — Officials settled a deadlocked race for a spot on a city council in suburban Salt Lake City by drawing names from a pilgrim hat and flipping a coin.Appellate Div rules coin flip to settle election tie, Colonie, NY, is not lottery.

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Coin tosses used to determine county delegates in Clinton

When the board of elections has completed the canvass of the election.A coin flip has been used. seats in the November 7 election.

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2016 Presidential Election Will Now Be Decided By Coin